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Seven billion people on planet earth and hundreds of thousands spoken languages. Only two of them can be widely understood: one is music, the other one speaks through images. As a photographer who is essentially interested in nature, I wish you to enjoy excellent moments on my website.

The photograph, it is a little like making music with images and the complicity of the movements, the shapes and colors of the world. Without forgetting that all these things are sometimes much more than things, it is the life which emerges suddenly in front of you, and who, reflex succeeded or lucky, calculated or dedicated randomly, prints on the bytes of the memory card of my Digital Camera of the coloured pixels which will perhaps enchant your eyes, or will poke your curiosity. I hope that you will spend good moments on this site. Do not forget to bookmark or to register you with the flow of syndications if you want to be informed new publications.

Published by Benoît Grelier